Friday, April 21, 2017

#Beauty: Roses for your beauty regime

Roses are red, Violets are blue. 
I'm in love with pink, you should too. 

Bio Chem (from Taiwan) is out with an upgraded face wash that will complete every girls dream of roses. You want roses for Valentines, you want it in your tea? Now you can have it on your face too, and the fragrance will linger! ps, THE PACKAGING IS PINK. I'm in looveee

Damascena Rose whitening wash 

This product with added vitamin B12 and uses Damascus rose water to bring a pleasant atmosphere with sweet aroma; it is as if you amble into a Bulgarian rose garden. 

It claims to: Relax and indulge in the aroma while washing it off your face / removing makeup. Precious Damascus rose extract is used to nourish the skin with effects of cleansing / makeup removal / moisturizing / whitening / nourishing all in one. 

I've been using mousse/foam facial wash for the longest time so using a product like this is not new to me. However if you do not know, you are in for some fun! 

Press pump to get an appropriate amount of mousse/foam to hands.

Then just wash your face as usual. Like how you normally do lol. duh

It's been a week since I've used it on my face. I love how the scent of roses is so dominant. However, my face is super squeaky clean, like literally the 'squeak squeak' sound is there after I wash it off. It's not a bad thing but I'm usually very afraid to use products that leaves my skin so squeaky for a long term because it may be too drying after a while. 

Removing makeup, does it really work?!

I have not tried it on my face with a full on makeup because my routine is to always remove it first then only cleanse.

So... I did a test! 
Here I have my eyeliner(not so waterproof)  and my concealer (by Makeupforever)

Pumping out a right amount of foam, I then wash it in a circular motion while massaging it. 

and.. here's the result!
The eyeliner is completely removed but there are still some residue left from the concealer. It's still amazing how it actually washed off so much of the products! Usually most product doesn't. 

Anyway, it's always always always better to remove makeup before cleansing face. The double cleansing is a need!

If you would like to know further about this pretty little product, click here to find out more! 

And, They are having a Buy 1 Free 1 promo right now for only RM92.07!! (you save 54%)

You can also check out their online store here or even their Facebook for more range of products! 
If you're obsess with roses, this is totally for you! 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

#Beauty: Brighten Dark Spots with just one step!

Back when I was still studying in high school, acne was my number 1 concern and also the only problem that wrecked my whole confidence down the drain. Whenever there's a eruption, I'll instantly squeeze them out thinking it will just go away the day after. Obviously that's not the case, I'm left with dark scars which would take a long while to disappear or just never. 

Can't believe I finally said this but I've found a solution to my embarrassing scars. 

Taiwan made product, Swissvita believes in natural beauty. Of course, these days most products aims to nurture and cure our own skin instead of covering them in layers of makeup. The key ingredient used is AC-11®,  a safe, plant-based, water-soluble plant extract that can only be found in the Amazon Rainforest and clinically proven to repair your DNA,  reduce skin damage from the sun and daily life activities as well as double the production of Collagen 3. Also, helping you achieve younger looking skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.

 This magical product is called, Swissvita Micrite 3D All use Anti-Spot Serum. It had won the Oscar beauty award for whitening and spot reducing and also rated 5 star review on Amazon. 

Packaging is very Medical-ish but the great thing is that it's aluminum sealed to prevent the risk of contamination! 

Paraben-free, Alcohol Free and Fragrance free, the product is  not oily  and light weighted which is definitely suitable for all skin types! 

I'm usually cautious when I try new products on my face. Because it is my first time using this, I test it out on a problematic spot I had recently and these are the results. Ps, excuse how disgusting my pores look close up haha

In fact it did lighten up my dark spot! I wouldn't say it was an instant effect but it took about 10 days for it to be lighten to the bottom picture.

If you guys have any problematic spots, you could surely give this a try! 
You can purchase it here for only RM130 ! 

Check out Swissvita's Facebook page at:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Okay. So I admit I always envy those with flawless skin. Especially those girls who still looks good even with the slight-less make up. How do you even do this?! #TeachmeSenpai
Well, lucky me I just got the secret recipe to that  baby  smooth  butt.

Shizens recently approached me to try out their new collection that promotes natural beauty while nurturing your skin from the inside out. For a busy but honestly just lazy person like me, their new collection is so simple and easy to use! It took me 2 minutes to complete my skin care and 8 minutes to apply make up. #howbouthat

The highlight of this collection will be this wonderful skin regenerating ingredient called
Ceramide III.

Shizens Visage Collection

There are 3 skin care and 6 make up products in total of this new collection.Their products are manufactured from both Korea and Japan.

I've been using this product for about 2 weeks now and it has been magical journey! My skin definitely has a healthier glow and overall improvement. Of course, I wish my skin will be as perfect as a Korean's but our weather won't do and hey, it has only been 2 weeks! haha

Here are the vital skin cares.

Key to a Healthy Skin

The Time Resistance Essence is an anti-aging essence which includes the Ceramide III makes sure to keep skin firm, toned, brighten, nourished and moisturized deep within. It strengthens and supports the renewal of our skin yet forms an effective barrier against moisture loss.

What is smooth and supple without moisture?

To double the power to a healthy skin, this Time Resistance Night Cream will lock in the essence. I recommend using this during the day too because with the lack of moisture in your skin, you might get complications like dry skin or even acne.

Even up skin tone + a pinch of lifting!

The Ultimate Potent promotes a smooth and youthful appearance instantly. Obviously, how can we miss a step like this? This product can be used to set make up or even to complete the final step of skin care routine.

Make up products
I am very very very berry excited to share their new makeup range with you guys!
To remind you again, Shizens main goal is to look as Natural possible. Stating the obvious, the range of colours are pretty neutral, inspired by the Korean makeup! Yes, Perfect for an everyday look too.


It caught me off guard when I saw the foundation was not liquid but stick. I was really hoping it was liquid but oh well, stick works too! The Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation Pro is imparted with Vitamin E, light weight, sheer and silky. The best thing about this product is it is against fine lines and pore imperfection! WHICH ALSO MEANS NO CREASES YAS. However, I would recommend this to those with dry skin. It will be overwhelmingly moisturizing for those with oily or combination skin.

Liquid Foundation Enhancement

I know, you're like what? Foundation Enhancement? What you talking bout gurl.
The Aqua Pore Perfection serve to do some natural shading (that is if you pick a darker shade) and retain moisture of skin while reflecting the damages from UVB ray. I did not want to use it as a contour product because their darkest shade will pretty much blend into my own skin tone. They only had 3 shades. So I just use it as a glow kit or maybe even as a normal foundation.

Foundation Brush

SUPER LOVE the brush that came with the Foundation. It's mini, compact and and the brush is spreads the foundation smoothly!


I am absolutely happy with their Hue-Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha Glow even though it's just two simple colours because it's so compact, yet is my exact go to colour and easy to use! Hellooo, Orange and brown is the in thing for Korean makeup look ya know :P


I AM SPEECHLESS. Their cushion liquid eyeliner absolutely blew my mind.
I have heard of BB cushion but NOT eyeliner cushion. It's super adorable and clever! The cushion sponge allows the comprised brush to fully saturate in rich and highly pigmented liquid eyeliner for smooth and even application. Now we don't need to dip into our pot of thick gel eyeliner mess and get uneven application/ ruining the brush.

Matte Lips

The Smack Lips is STUNNING. AMAZING. I LOVE IT. It's matte and actually damn long lasting! Not even kidding. Enriched with coconut oil and sunflower butter, it's does not crack your lips! Can't even beat Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid or Colourpop. I picked a brighter colour, Orange Tango because duh, I want to be as bright as the sun. Juuust kidding, the colour is super pretty.

So, Did I manage to make you fall in love with their new collection?

Because Shizens is having an introductory offer called the Visage Essential which includes:

Smack Lips- Plum Wine
Smack Lips- Orange Tango
Aqua Eyeliner - Black
Aqua Eyeliner- Brown
Hue-Duo Eyeshadow- Mocha Glow
Shizens Professional brush set (6 brushes)

FOR ONLY RM199 instead of RM1,503 !!

Offer available from 1st March to 31'st March 2017

or you can get the full set of Visage Collection worth RM1,688 instead of RM2,940

Also, you can redeem and experience a Visage makeover by using this code: VISAGE01 at all major Shizens stores!

Don't miss out! xox