Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KLFW2016 : Kittie Yiyi SS17

I'm back for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016 this year! I'm definitely way more excited than last year since I got to go as Kittie's guest and seated in the front row. What more, I got to wear her collection to the show!

Life after my 5th semester, I would say it's pretty great despite some rough days. Because of internship, I got to meet new people, make connections and learn to be initiative. So this is why, KLFW2016 had been fun since there were so many familiar faces! In fact, I met new friends :)

 As usual, everyone needs a photo with the #KLFWRTW2016 signage!

Blazer: Kittie Yiyi Collection
Bag: Monki
Shoes: Cotton On

*Picture courtesy of  @Alina Pushkareva

Dress: Kittie Yiyi Collection

*Picture Courtesy of @David Liew

Lenses: Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily in Rose Pink

Of course, there's no need to spend on any make up artist since I'm the best at painting my own face lolol.

This Spring Summer 2017, Kittie Yiyi's collection talks about a romantic yet rebellious mermaid who came out from the sea. Exploring the world by the seashore, she found adventure and happiness. She wears strong sea essence of silhouette and prints. Mostly pastels but yet colourful colours are seen in this collection.

*Picture Courtesy of @azzahadi

Her collection this round had a fair amount of mens and womenswear. Mostly suits for mens but there's a pretty cute variety for womenswear!

I was pretty surprise with Kittie's SS17 collection as the silhouette had changed a little compared to the previous collections. It's still quirky and fun but It's much more feminine now compared to the previous ones. Even so, I still loved it!

My favourite piece from her collection. Pastel Pink embroidered seashells. I would totally wear it if I was tall :)

Congratulations again Kittie on the new collection! Your hard work definitely paid off. Thank you for the invitation and for everything else! :)

Ps.She's just soo pretty 💕

A heart for everyone xoxo!

Friday, August 19, 2016

True Experience with Number76 Hair Salon

I had done sponsored beauty reviews where I am treated with tip top service to score a good review. These kind of special services are usually 'exaggerated' for a greater and more pleasing experience.

I've decided to write this one, a review for Number76, after having a personal, not sponsored experience with them.

picture courtesy of Cheeserland

Of course, we all heard of it. 'The best salon in town, the greatest for hair colouring, it's Number76!'
 After years of long and untamed hair, I have finally decided to chop off my purple ends and get a fresh new look. (I had outgrew my bleached, coloured and damaged hair for the longest time.) I've surveyed a few places such as Aizu, C.Michael, and I decided on Number76 as we all had seen their good skills and amazing products (includes bleaching) which protects the hair from deep within. My initial plan was to fully go blonde.

Honestly, their prices weren't that much of a difference. They were pretty much the same + - as stated in their services. This is why I've pick Number76 as their technology should do better for a healthier bleach.

Number76 Calvin was my pick as my stylist. I've seen his work and it looked real promising! In fact, he had done blonde with some other customer and that was exactly what I wanted, hence I went to him. 

As I arrive, they brought me to my seat and gave me a selection of teas or coffees which came along with a little cookie. Calvin was real busy with other customers, so he only briefly spoke to me. I quickly explained on what I wanted and he started right away by giving me a rough cut and moved on with the bleaching process. The whole Number76 team basically was taking care of me and my hair throughout.

I could not recall how long the bleaching took, but I would say almost an hour +-. Number76 takes priority on scalp care, so they sprayed on a protective layer on my scalp before the bleach. Even so, it was still painful af.. lol

Well guys, as you could see in the picture I did not go blonde but ash grey. The whole reason was because the pink dye (from ages ago) on my hair was so stubborn and it wouldn't shed off even after the bleach. I guess, pink is really my favourite colour after all. #BFF

Because of this, Calvin had to do some colour chemistry and decided on ash blue (which will turn to ash grey after dyeing on brassy bleached hair) Initially, I was thinking 'OK la, since the pink doesn't want to shed, we go pastel pink or purple lo? or maybe rose gold'. But he was like, 'You haven't tried cool colours before right? So we should try Ash.'  I'm like, 'Ok, sure, I like trying new things!'

Final Verdict!

I'm happy that Number76 gives good recommendations! But I was a little disappointed that Calvin did not check my scalp condition before starting on the bleaching process.. (This is why it hurts guys, my scalp was hyper sensitive T_T)

My whole session took about 6 hours and I'm glad it wasn't a restless one since the ambience was great and the team was nice! They got my tea and cookie constantly refilled.

I could see that Calvin was worried about my scalp and he gave me a few satches of the L'oreal Kerastase shampoo,which was for my concerned scalp to take home and a RM20 voucher.

Overall, it was a great experience. My hair is still silky, smooth and looking healthier than ever even after it went through all the damage!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Hair, New Start

  Have you ever heard of this rule, 'A girl cuts her hair after a breakup to have a new start in life'.

I pretty much like the whole concept of this so called 'rule', except... it's in a different perspective.

A brighter future.

Fresh new cut & colour by @76Calvin.
Dress from Kittie Yiyi Collection.

For the past 3 years I've been trying, experimenting, observing and learning on ways I can build my own brand; a future and personality which I can call it mine. And this is why, I've created this blog!

I major in fashion designing and I am totally into quirky, fun and randomness. Fashion is life but a pinch of insanity lights it up! Working in the industry had brought me to see so many possibilities. So, I've picked up great things and tossed old habits to a new start.

I am so ready to share the fun things I love, which I hope it could spark your little life and get all giggly and excited!

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