Thursday, September 28, 2017

#Fashion & Travel: Cameron Highlands Lookbook featuring Bee

Just about a month back I was in Cameron Highlands! As usual, trying to perk this little trip up by making it look amazing, as though I actually traveled overseas in my Insta story, as well in pictures. Not saying that Cameron Highlands is not a nice place, IT IS AN AMAZING PRETTY PLACE, but it will be better if the ridiculous traffic jam can be excluded lol. 1 hour jam for a 4km distance?! omg.

People actually told me, 'Woah, I didn't know Cameron Highlands looks so pretty!?' Well Cameron, now you just got a few more visitors visiting because of me yo! *just kidding, anyone will still go Cameron even if I didn't go to spam pictures.. sad lol*

My outfits are all thanks to my designer friend, Phynix who kindly pinjam'ed me to wear from his recent collection from Phynstudio for Air Asia Runway!

And now, just enjoy this picturesque of shots I've taken ( not forgetting my bee that helped me take photos too with lots of guidance from me Lolololol )

Pictures all taken with my newly bought OPPO R9s!! The quality, It's AHMAZINGGG T___T

 Cactus view 1

Cactus view 2

Day 1 Lookbook:

Obviously, everyone's staring at me cuz I wear so many layers as though it's freaking Winter. But let me justify and make it clear that it just rained in the evening and the weather is fregginnn cold here up in the mountains lololol. Like, 18 degrees celcius or lower?!

Totally loving this jacket from Phynstudioooo huhu.

Like, it fregging matches my hair.

And we purposely went to visit the flower garden just so that I can get my daily dose of instagram pictures in line hehe.

Trying to achieve this but obviously I'm a fat potato, so it didn't worked. LOL

Anyway, details of the skirt from Phynstudio is so nice!!

Including this in my lookbook too because it's so cute!

And this Radish here, looks like MANDORA T_T omgerdddd. cute.

Bee's outfit.
 Posting here cuz he is actually a damn good poser lor. win liao lor. actually cuz my picture skills damn good lor. somemore I coordinate. I still win heh. :P

Day 2 Lookbook:

Feeling super traditional in this Cheongsam collar dress!

Oh ya, some people complimented on my makeup! I'm thinking of making a tutorial of it 'one day' since I recently got a new Camera from bee! Should I? hehe

Before I visited Cameron Highlands, I was super excited to visit the Lavender Farm because the place just look fregging pretty. Please, judge my photos because I'm not lyinggg O:

And I actually pictured this shot in my head already before coming HAHAHHA. Totally just like what I expected. Lavender ice cream in Lavender land. The colour is just too pretty T_T

Mandatory tourist photo with the lavenders!

My bee also got one. He damn good poser, I say liao 283789173871 times.

Ok, lookbook finish! Hopefully more travels and more outfits to come in the near future hehe!

Friday, September 15, 2017


 Full of Attitude.

Me. Kittie. Lumi

Well oh well! Kittie Yiyi is now back with another quirky but even more ready-to-wear collection. 

Inspired by the 50's, where American rock and roll was adopted by feisty females called the Teddy Girls. These girls were so cool back then, nothing sweet and fancy, just 帅 literally.

Mostly loose fitted (as usual), straight cut and easy to wear, the prints used are always so symbolic and adorable! This time round, Kittie herself picked the chicken as a print element as she relates them as cheeky, happy and free running. 

Well, I totally love all z looks! But here's a photo wall of the lookbook from the launch! Since I as PR'ing there and then, everyone thought that the collection is in fact more wearable compared to the previous.

The launch pretty much is free and easy, you can simply pick up your favourite item and just put it on for pictures!

Here we have amazing paintings painted by Alexandrea Yeo aka @d3rdsex (lol).. and the new Fall Winter 2017 collections! 

Here with Kittie herself. (aka my lao ban, and I wish my lao gong)

Totally into this jacket and coat. Even Lumi superrr dupperr lovesss itttt.

With Kendra 女神. She's wearing the green jacket and I'm wearing the super super duupperrr comfy chicken soup sweater. 

More posy posy photos of me in that comfy thing!! 

This one the colour super bomb. Hoodie checkered jacket. 

Super love that the colour so pop! 

Not forgetting a photo with my Muaachii that came all the way from Penang. 

Desserts and Drinks sponsored by ! 

Tiny baker founder and owner on the right, Vicky Bobo! Ps, she's gonna be the one making my birthday cakes! hehe 
Andd, her assistant Vanessa on the left!

Just a random instastory pic with this bunch.

A selfie with these leng leng girls from Curated Mag! 

Pretty much a fun day socialising, fashion-ing and PR'ing!  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#Beauty: SUGAO is now in Malaysia!

I have heard so many good things about Sugao products since earlier of the year. Sugao originated from Japan and this is one of the products that aims for light and natural makeup instead of caking. 
One of the most exciting products I really wanted to try was the loose powder! My makeup artist friends really brag about the amaaazzingg-ness of the powder and I'm so excited to finally get my hands on them! Plus, they are in pink and the fonts made it cuter! 

 SUGAO do not have a wide range of products but they focused on these 4 products which are the CC cream, Lip tint, Cheek cream and Loose Powder.

The highlight product here is the Air Fit CC Cream.

From my experience, CC creams are usually pretty oily and runny, sometimes leaving an unpleasant grease on my face. However, this unique CC Cream has an Air Fit breathable formula, and as you can see in the image I've taken, it has a fluffy souffle-like texture! Totally didn't expect from a CC cream. They have 3 selection of CC cream to pick from which are Smooth, Moist and Pink Bright. I've received the one in Pink Bright. It may look pretty dry but nope, it's actually pretty hydrating. It just finishes off fluffy and powdery/velvety which means finishing off the cream with powder is not necessary. I have combination skin and it works pretty well! I'm sure it would work great on oily skin too but I'm not too sure about dry skin. 

 One of the best thing about this CC Cream is that it's like a 2 in one cream which includes color correcting and blurring visible pores which means it acts as a primer too! Amazingggg. On the side note, this CC Cream does not have any coverage, which is pretty sad because I have a lot's of dark spots so I have to cover them up with concealer separately.  

2-in-1 Cheek & Lip 

 I received mine in Active Orange. As swatched above, you can see that it's a nice shade of sunset orange. The texture itself is really easy to work with and definitely light and fluffy as well! 

Once blended, it's actually a really nice flush of orange, super duper natural too. I usually like to top it up with a powder blush to make the colour more intense but leaving it alone leaves a nice colour on the face!

Here's the little flush cheeks with this cheek cream. Definitely not heavy but very very light even though the colour is so vibrant before blending.

As for using it for the lips, I really don't see any colour on my lips... perhaps my lips are the same shade? haha (ps. lips on picture above is not using the cheek and lip cream)

Chiffon Powder 

The packaging so simple but somehow it seriously just melts my heart! So adorable I want to bring it everywhere and just take it out to touch up my oily face anytime and  everytime haha

Oil-absorbing for a shine free face, it diffuses light and brightens skin. As you can see above, the loose powder is super duper fine. It's so fine that when my brush picks it up, the powder just flies away because it's so light and fine! But gosh, the feeling is amazing on my face. You won't feel it cakey at all. Ps. a fluffy puff is included as well!

Lip Tint

I have mix feelings for these tints that's because I generally like having a pop of colour on my lips instead of having it natural. This tints definitely feels different than any other tints I've tried. It's watery liquid texture creates translucent plump lips with a tint of natural color, kind of like leaving a swatch of jelly on the lip. 

Top: Juicy Red
Bottom: Sweet Pink 

Earlier I said I have mix feelings because of the Juicy Red tint. I was expecting a more red,RED but instead it looks more like a tangy orange when swatched. But as you can see, it's definitely very watery which will make your lips feel weightless and comfortable. Totally for those that hates the eeky feeling of lipsticks on the lips like me. (But I grew to get use to it actually lol)

The tint will not dry on it's own so I left it on for about 30 seconds+ and wipe off with a tissue. Like what Sugao is aiming for, it's very natural and weightless.

Here is how it is swatched on my lips

 #Juicy Red

I'm really not into this red, it's not boom enough for me haha.

#Sweet Pink

On the other hand, this sweet pink is actually really nice! It's like jelly on the lips and leave a subtle hint of pink in real life. Somehow it looks more vibrant in pictures ! 

Dear Sugao, my makeup natural enough bo?

Throwback to Sugao event few weeks back! Super Pink, I SUPERRR Like! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#Beauty: My little fingers finally got some love and care! Luminous Beauty Parlour Review ❤

Many of you might have known that I'm a Powerlifter, I basically live with weights and chalks most days and my hands are pretty dry and rough.

Thankfully, I have Luminous Beauty Parlour, a one stop beauty centre which provide face care, nails and embroidery services to fix and give my little hands some love and care! 

Here's some snap shots on their beautiful beauty parlour. I love how minimalist and clean they have design it!

Registration Counter:

Pedicure Section:

Manicure Section:

Before I get into the nails, here's a little brief talk about their facial services and products.

Brand used:
Babor - Pioneer in Professional Skin Care

Made in Germany, Babor products remain driven by that pioneering spirit in passionate quest for individual beauty and perfection. The formulas are precised and enhanced on innovative active ingredients by Babor astheticians. With these tailor-made treatments, it will be a unique indulging experience with  outstanding results.

Back to nails!..

Luminous picks the best nail care for an amazing experience.
I know you have heard of OPI but have you heard of Diami? It is the top well known Korean nail polish of all time!

With a wide range of normal and gel colours, the pick is endlessss. Best of all, it's acid free and 100%  no harmful substances for your natural nails. In fact, their gel base polish strengthens weak ass nails like mine.

My nails was all about sweet peach and glitters. I loved that they don't use UV light to dry the gel nail polish because UV lights will kills cells and darken the skin but instead, they use LED light which is safe for the skin!

 They even have a wide selection of little accessories to put on your nails! I've picked dried flowers but you can put on pearls, seashells, ect !

Of course, the nail artist herself can do a pretty decent amount of unique designs which you can request yourself! Below sample is what she has done :)

Here's the latest promotion for you my friends!
Pedicure + Manicure (Gel) for only RM158 !!

For the basic and other services: 

Express Manicure or Pedicure (On the Go) - RM68/30mins

Essential Manicure or Pedicure (With Gel)  - RM98/60mins

Premium Manicure (Full Set) - RM128/90mins
Premium Pedicure (Full Set) - RM148/90mins

Add on
Gel Manicure or Gel Pedicure - RM30
Gel Remover - RM30

Nails Extension - RM80 - RM150
Extension Removal - RM30

Nail Art
Nails Extension - RM30 - RM180


(Gurney) G-1-7, Plaza Arcadia, NO 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City, 52200 KL

Don't forget to check them out in their social media here: